Who we are

Graphic Imaging Services, Inc. is a provider of Document Imaging solutions and services. With proven methodologies for success, we offer the ability to integrate digital and paper data into Content Management Systems.  Our experience and expertise is in both documents and large format assures you the best quality image as your final record.

Additionally, our Consulting Services identify the applications you use every day to be a part of the workflow and integration with Content Management.  This includes best practices, eliminating deficiencies, analyzing current workflows while including client users in the process prior to implementation.

Our Experience

We are considered by our peers and competitors as the “experts” in the capture of large format drawings. Our hardware solutions for day forward capture as well as our services for backfile conversion and indexing services for any type of paper will assure your project is a success.

Graphic Imaging provides both off-site and on-site scanning. We have CAPTUREp and ECMp Certification, to ensure your project is successful.

Scanning 20 Years
Document Management 15 Years
Conversion Services 20 Years
Storage 15 Years
Our Philosophy

To capture & preserve documents, records, plans and art for the FUTURE.

Goals & Values
  1. Provide high quality products and services to all our clients.

  2. Offer the latest technology solutions in the industry based on each customers needs

  3. Provide the right combination of hardware and software for each customers specific needs.

  4. To capture the image as good or better than the original.

  5. Create meta-data that is usable and searchable.


Lisa Desautels, ECMp and CAPTUREp
CEO and Founder, 17 Years of Experience


Lisa Desautels is the founder of Graphic Imaging Services, Inc. and has over 17 years of experience as a consultant in the Document Imaging industry. She is a certified Enterprise Content Management and Capture Practitioner by AIIM, International. Her experience and expertise in large format imaging involves her 20+ years experience working with CAD and GIS software. She has provided consulting services and project management on numerous projects for clients ranging from small business to large corporations and governmental agencies. Her scanning projects have included Government Agencies with high security requiring FBI background clearance.

Ms. Desautels has been a member of AIIM Nevada (Association of Information and Image Management) and volunteered as a Board Member for four years. She has also been a member of the Nevada State GIS Society for 10+ years.

Kirk King
Vice President, Operations 18 Years of Experience


Kirk King has over 18 years of Management experience with national corporation based in Las Vegas, Nevada and 2 year’s technical experience with Graphic Imaging Services. He has an expertise in scanning large format documents and has successful completed the most recent projects at NV Energy Facilities which had a very short deadline, MGM City Center drawings and the US EPA Project. Other experience includes Training and Certification for Service and Repair on both large format scanners and document scanners.

Brian Carroll
Vice President of Technical Services, 4 Years of Experience


Brian Carroll has over four years of specialized experience developing standards for the scanning and indexing of documents, and keeping the overall project workflow as efficient as possible. This experience includes both on-site and off-site for various customers. As Vice President of Technical Services, Brian’s various responsibilities include software support, scanner maintenance and service, and comprehensive project management. He has successfully managed large projects with the MGM Grand, Nevada Gaming Control Board, Switch LV, Dental Board of Examiners, and many others. Brian remains enrolled at CSN in Las Vegas to remain actively engaged in technological courses. Certifications include – A+ Software, Geographic Coordinate Systems for ArcGIS through ESRI, and the installation and support for hardware (Fujitsu, Colortrac, Contex) and software (PSIgen, Paperstream).