The medical field can be one of the most stressful and demanding work environments. Every day each medical staff make choices that influence the well-being of their patients. Every one of these decisions may require a different type of form or medical authorization. When the medical office or hospital is busy, and this can be all the time, these documents may just get pushed into the patient file to be dealt with later. These files then become clogged with documentation and then pressed into an open file cabinet to be dealt with later. How are you managing this wall full of data?

Whether you’re a hospital, health insurance provider, private medical practice or medical claims processor, the healthcare field is notoriously paper-intensive. We at Graphic Imaging Services are able to use our 20+ years of document management experience to provide HIPAA compliant scanning services. We will come onsite to scan this backlog of documents and export these files into a document management system. We will also provide training and equipment for future digitization needs, so your medical organization is able to continue forward on the paper free journey. Between medical history forms, patient charts, HIPAA forms and insurance claims, it a lot of paper to get into an EMR System without the help of an experienced scanning services provider.

Contact Graphic Imaging Services today and let us help you towards a paperless work environment!