Graphic Imaging Services, Inc. is one of the only vendors in Las Vegas that is able to offer CAD conversion services. These full scale, layered, dimensionally accurate CAD files can be used with AutoCAD, and a CAD file can be provided for each source drawing submitted for conversion. You would only have to bring us the TIF or PDF file you would like converted. You could also bring a hardcopy original of the sheet and and we will scan it to TIF format for conversion. Then you just need to let us know how quickly you require delivery! You may also only need certain pieces of information from your engineer drawing and we will only charge for the work requested.

*Rushed turnaround time may incur additional charges.


  • Conversion services into CAD (Computer Aided Drafting), BIM (Building Information Modeling) and GIS (Geographic Information Systems). We can output to any version as well as DWG and DGN formats.
  • Dimensionally accurate line work provided by our technicians.
  • Text is text (Not graphics that look like text).
  • Includes your standards for layering, line types and thickness.
  • Corrections for distortion in the paper image.
  • Georectification available (remotely sensed raster image is linked in to a coordinate system so that it can be located on a map)
  • Extract intelligent information out of floor plans for facilities management use (estimating, scheduled maintenance, inventory tracking etc.)